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I’m a software Engineer, Full-stack developer
and a Linux fan


About me

I am currently working for TNG Technology as a Software Engineer, Microservice Developer and IT Consultant.

I have been interested in programming since I was a child. I first came across programming as a concept at the age of 9 when my dad showed me how to write basic code. Then I started learning different programming languages on my own until I found JS and PHP at the age of 15. I really liked these two languages, so at the age of 16 I started working for a web development company.

I came to university and started studying C++, Java and Python at an advanced level. These are the ones that laid the foundation for my programming thinking today. Today, I have learned to work effectively with frameworks. One of my favorite framework is Laravel because I really like eloquent. In JavaScript, React and Vue are my preferred frameworks.

In the last 2 years I have gathered experience with the Java Spring framework as a Microservice developer, with further insight into cloud technologies, containerisation, and container orchestration with Docker, Kubernetes and Helm. Currently I am working towards an AWS Cloud Practitioner certification.



Web App Development

I am comfortable with web application development, as I have years of experience. My usual stack is a Laravel backend and a React frontend.

Software Engineering

I have experience in C++, Java and Python, and have used all of these languages to create Software for business purposes.

Microservice Development

I have many years of experience with the Spring framework, with emphasis on developing cloud based applications alongside Docker, Kubernetes and Helm.



The student administration processes developed for PPCU ITK and the modules that support application management are supported by faculty and student administrators and are all used with great satisfaction.

Júlia Góth

Júlia Góth

PPCU ITK deputy dean

The tasks to be performed were self-explanatory and easy to complete, without any additional clicks and searches, I received immediate online feedback on the entry in the database, and with one click I was able to download the automatically signed PDF document. I have never encountered such well-thought-out and brilliantly implemented software anywhere in the world.

Géza Kolumbán

Géza Kolumbán

PPCU ITK Associate Professor

AlkePro, developed by Áron, is an activity management and portfolio management software developed for a brokerage firm with a high number of clients in the insurance market, which offers a wide range of assistance to business participants in administrative processes. Users of the program are satisfied.

Norbert Fris

Norbert Fris

Project Owner at Klassis Z


Experience, Studies

Software Engineer and Microservice Developer

2022 February – Present

I am employed by TNG Technology Consulting to do Microservice Development using Spring, Docker and Kubernetes.

Self-employed full stack developer

2020 May – 2022 February

Mostly with a React, Laravel stack.

Website developer at HonlapNinja

2018 – 2020

Either with wordpress, or a custom CMS

Computer Science Engineering MSc at PPCU ITK

2021 February – 2022 July

I got my honorary masters diploma in computer science engineering with software engineering specialization. My thesis is on the control of local dynamical compartmental systems.

Molecular Bionics Engineering BSc at PPCU ITK

2017 September – 2021 February

I got my honorary diploma in molecular bionics engineering. My bachelor’s thesis is about the analysis and simulation of dynamic compartmental models.

Event organizer

2022 Aug

I had the honor to be elected as the organizer of the Sofar Summer Camp of 2022, which had about 250 participants and lasted for a week.
Details can be found here: http://sofarportal.hu/?catposts=dicsoito-iskola-2022

Vice President of Student Union at PPCU ITK

2019 – 2021

I was the VP of our Student Union at PPCU ITK for 2 years. My responsibilities included the governance of the Union, and many administrative tasks, like keeping in touch with the Dean’s office.

OTDK II. place in the “Mathematical methods and algorithms” section

2021 April

I won this award for a year and a half long research, about analyzing and simulating dynamical compartmental models. It is one of the greatest competitions between university students in hungary, and I’m very proud to have been placed in second place.


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